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  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to celebrate and profile the movement of the food, drink and hospitality industry in the Midlands.

    Our Vision

    We want to create a platform to encourage and support future investment in this major revenue generator for the Midlands region.

The Awards Just Got Bigger & Better!

The Midlands Food, Drink and Hospitality Awards was borne out of the Birmingham Food, Drink and Hospitality Awards which, due to popular demand, was expanded to include the whole of the Midlands’ great and deserving eateries.

The Midlands has a rich and cultured history, no less with regards to food, and features flavours of all styles from pies to meats to chutnies and more.  Seven restaurants in the Midlands even made it into the Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants.

Once known for the Industrial Revolution, the Midlands has undergone a complete transformation and now boasts numerous booming sectors, including business, technology, leisure, engineering and of course hospitality. With so many great eating establishments ranging from English dishes to Indian, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Turkish, Mexican and even more, there will be no shortage of worthy winners at the inaugural MFDH Awards.

Our Core Values

    • Promoting Culture & Diversity

      The Midlands extravagant food and drink scene is a pillar to the culture and diversity of the region.  Housing over 30 different types of cuisine from all over the world, the Midlands boasts of a food scene so diverse that it can truly be said to be: a taste of the world. 


    • Strive for Excellence

      Home to some of the leading pioneers of the food, drink and hospitality industry, the Midlands has become the hub for businesses and epicure’s alike. Diversity and dedication is the secret to the regions unparalleled success.

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